You can find our holiday houses and the apartments in Vesta, it’s a small hamlet on the eastern side of Lake Idro, every property is few meters away from it so that you can walk comfortably to the beach and along its paths.


Pick your favourite accommodation

Casa Giorgio

from € 58/night
max 6 pax

Casa Svezia

from € 55/night
max 5 pax

Casa Valentina

from € 55 /night
max 4 pax

Casa Wilma

from € 69 /night
max 4 pax

Casa Silvia

from € 51 /night
max 4 pax

Casa Sabine

from € 50 /night
max 4 pax

Casa Bepi

from € 69 /night
max 4 pax

Villa Alice, Bianca & Giulia

from € 65/night
max 12 pax

Casa Maria

from € 51 /night
max 4 pax

Find a Bbox at your arrival

 Do you want to find a Bbox of typical food at your arrival and start 
living a remarkable holiday with the traditional flavours of Lake Idro?

yes, I do!